Monday, October 19, 2015

Time Flies

This week passed by extremely rapidly (as missionaries always say).  Here are the highlights:
  • We had a girl say she received an answer about the Book of Mormon. 
  • We had an investigator come to church. 
  • We had several less actives progress. 
  • And we also had divisions (missionary splits)...
Now, I'm sure my companion has gotten tired of me saying, "my brother says," or "but my brother said this was important..." over the last several weeks, but I took to heart my brother's advice that miracles happen on divisions. So I planned methodically for our investigators, working hard to recognize what we should teach them when the District Leader came over to my area for a day. Our lessons went as planned, a less active ended up coming to church after avoiding it for a long time, and we also found a completely golden investigator family. It was wonderful. They blessed our names, had us dedicate their house to the Lord, accepted our challenges, and told us to please come back whenever possible. My brother was right!

I can't write much more, but know that God loves us and the church is true. AMEN!!!