Monday, April 4, 2016


So I've been transferred to Junin this time around! I'm with an Elder Grandstaff (from Washington as well), and it's cold!  I bought a scarf, and luckily they've got a warm jacket for whatever missionary comes in here. We're also the only area that gets bikes in the mission...though one of my pedals doesn't work and the seat is at a 45 degree angle, haha-  we might be walking more than anything. 

We went to a city named Tarma for Conference, and we're here for the weekend with the zone. General Conference was, of course, a highlight for the week as I really enjoyed the talks. President Uchtdorf and Elder Holland's were definitely the most powerful for me. However, Elder Bednar's was also really cool and deserves extra study. I enjoyed that he says the way we retain the remission of our sins was by the Spirit. The promise in the Sacrament is the Spirit, and the way we retain a remission of our sins is by the Sacrament. It clicked for me. Elder Rasband's and Renlund's were cool for me, too. I liked that President Eyring told us to look for pure testimony in the conference and feel the spirit.