Monday, May 2, 2016

Growing the Branch

[Today Andrew spent time answering a question about his branch in Junín, particularly about attendance and their efforts to re-activate many people around the town.]

Attendance is looking optimistic, it used to be in the teens a lot before I got here, and now we're regularly in the mid-twenties with several less-actives attending. We want to get over thirty before we leave, as President said a decent branch should have more than thirty.

Andrew relaxing in his blanket fort.
This week we spoke to a number of less-actives. My favorite sort of lesson is when the atmosphere is quiet, the limited room causes us to sit right next to our investigator/less active, and we can just have a very quiet, personal conversation. Opportunities such as that allow both of us to feel the Spirit strongly as we share the story of the Restoration. I also enjoy the strength in teaching a family, where all can participate and feel gathered in an activity. 

We spend a lot of time with the Youth, too, being completely in charge of them. We play simple games with them for Mutual like Liar's Dice and Uno.  We're also in charge of two-hour lessons with them on Sunday! We show a lot of videos, haha.

[Andrew will be Skyping with us next Sunday for Mother's Day (hopefully) and we're very excited!  We'll post some pictures and perhaps transcribe some of our conversation.]