Monday, July 11, 2016

New Mission President

Hello, all! This week started with the Fourth of July, for which I was very thankful. We love our country, and all of us gringos sang the National Anthem in an American Restaurant to celebrate. We also went to meet the new President Silva and his family in La Merced. I've brought pictures! He spoke little on goals or new rules this first time...he just wanted us to meet his family. Due to many changes of plans and traveling this week, we spent little time in our area. It's begun to rain a lot in Junìn, which we don't mind too much.

Once more, we returned to Tarma yesterday for a conference about the year area plan for Northwest South America. The goals focus on the youth, self-sufficiency, and ordinances. I believe these are good arching goals for an area. If you're a youth, go to seminary and focus on a mission! As a member, be self-sufficient and focus on paying a full tithe and keeping the Sabbath Day holy! If you yet lack one of the ordinances of salvation, work on becoming worthy to take the next step! If everything's golden, do family history. There will always be more to do. Let us waste and wear out our lives bringing to light the secret things of darkness. Bring heaven forward, and let it encompass the harsh realities of today's world. We are capable, and we will eventually win. That's the promise. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.