Monday, August 1, 2016

Miracle of the Week

Our Pensionista and her daughter are our best friends in the area. We've been teaching her daughter frequently, but she has never felt comfortable with baptism. Her uncle, however, was extremely close to baptism last month. Let's call him José. José went to to the States about ten years ago, got married, got a job, and learned English. He was a good man, but his wife ended up leaving him which tore him apart. He prayed she would nevertheless find a good way in life, and incidentally she ended up becoming a Mormon. They're on good terms now.

Well, one day when in Utah, José decided he could either go get dead drunk to get over his problems, or try and figure it out some other way. He wandered to the church behind his house, where two missionaries came out and began to talk to him and encourage him. When he returned to California, he sought the missionaries and began to attend church regularly. He was a week before baptism before he inexplicably bailed because he didn't feel like he had received a true confirmation yet. Then he came here to visit, and became the answer to our prayers to help out our situation with his niece. We talked to both of them about the 'coincidences' that led them both to the same church, and asked them if they could focus this month on the idea of baptism. We asked the uncle first if he was ready to make a goal for another baptismal date. He said clearly, in English, "I am ready now. I will get baptized as soon as I return to the States." We told him that was wonderful...but if he got baptized here, he would be an example to his family. He agreed, and intends to be baptized within the following weeks. So that was the miracle of the week. I know God had this family in mind in everything that happened to them. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.