Monday, January 18, 2016


Elder Burt with his new companion, Elder Cornilles
I'm in Huancayo, living the city life now! My companion is a good friend I had my first two transfers before he got transferred here. We joked around that we'd be companions down the road, and here we are! We live about twenty minutes out from the mission office, and two of the Elders in the office began working in our area this transfer, too, when they have time. We eat dinner with them, and the first night they brought Pizza Hut. That was ridiculously weird for me. I feel like I'm emerging after 4 and a half months of Paucarbamban life into a new world. Huancayo is still radically different from the States, but it's certainly another experience after Huanuco. The sunsets are outstanding here, with the open skies and the interesting cloud covers. 

These last couple days, I think we were laying the groundwork for the rest of the transfer. A whole lot of appointments fell through, so we contacted a great deal. We're already seeing a couple of them become investigators, so I have high hopes.

The trick is to use your time effectively. Every missionary, more or less, spends the same amount of time in the work, so you have to figure out how to heighten the results of your time proselyting, or studying. I think the lessons I'm learning apply to life in general.
  1. Always do what you can for a lesson, but if your opportunities fall through, cut your losses and contact. Many missionaries pinball from potential lesson to potential lesson, hoping desperately an investigator will let them in with no set appointment. Generally, this ends in an hour where nothing gets done. In life, if you want something to happen and it doesn't, find something else productive to do. Even if it's not as good as your Plan A, refusing to focus on something else is worse. For instance, if a dream job falls through, start looking for a different one instead of hoping something might change.
  2. If people aren't going to progress in the gospel, nor want to keep commitments, spend your time on others. This was not a lesson I wanted to learn, because the worth of every soul is great in the sight of God. How can you just forget someone because it's a busy time in their life and they feel too overwhelmed to attend church or read the Book of Mormon just yet?  Eternal salvation is at stake! The truth is, there are countless people in our areas who could progress. Spending weeks upon weeks on a good person to "set the stage" for a future missionary to convert him or her is not as effective as finding a good number of people who are ready now. Don't spend all your time on a project or portion of your life if it's impeding or choking all the other good things you've got. I would imagine this applies, for instance, to relationships- saving one isn't worth all the others.
  3. Always do something productive. Even if I need a rest at the end of a long day, I can rest by reading Conference addresses or something else. Look around for people who need help, and give the extra effort to be friendly. Time is short, and sitting around listening to music or watching Netflix a ton is like burning money. Don't do it.

Well, I'm trying to improve as much as I can, but I've got a long way to go. Be effective in your life. Know your limits and try to reach them without becoming overwhelmed. It's possible, and as I like to say, our capacity is our responsibility. Hold fast, and keep moving forward! In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.