Monday, March 7, 2016

A Day in the Life

We wake up each day and we exercise, shower, and go to breakfast at our Pension. We start up personal study afterward, and I try to study for things we'll teach during the day. Our primary goal is to teach according to the needs and situation of each person, but the doctrinal basis- the lessons found in Preach My Gospel- are requisites for all looking into the Church. 

After people are converted for a while, we're just supposed to keep them animated and learning more. I like this time because we can form fun lessons from the scriptures suited to their life, and I'm a big fan of scripture stories. For instance, one morning this week I turned Meshach, Shadrach, and Abed-nego's fiery experience into a lesson for one convert who works at this super tasty bakery. In companionship study, we try to figure out how to better teach and what our investigators need. For instance, the Fall of the Adam and Eve is a bear to teach and difficult to understand. My companion thought of this great visual aid we'll use where the "bridge" Adam and Eve had to speak with God directly was broken and later rebuilt through Jesus Christ. 

After language study, we head out in the mornings for, at times, a service project before full-time proselyting in the afternoon. Quite frequently, our appointments fall through. Sometimes we get in and things go better than planned. We spoke to one man who was also speaking with missionaries of another church. We promised him if he read a portion of the Book of Mormon and prayed about it, he would receive his answer. We also specifically promised that if he did so, the sickness he was dealing with- the lack of clarity in his head- would clear enough to understand the message. The next day, he said he read the scripture and prayed at night. He felt a great sense of peace, and belief in our message. That night, he dreamed we were leading him through the wilderness to a great and peaceful garden that he wanted to find very much. He awoke to a perfect confidence in us and the Book of Mormon, and a new health and clarity in his mind. We explained we were guiding him to a wonderful place, and the gate was called baptism. We're excited to progress with him this month in preparation.

And then the day ends with dinner and planning...and then we go to bed, and then we start over. It's a good life. I hope this explained a little of what a day in the missionary life is like. Hasta la proxima semana!