Monday, February 29, 2016

Missionary Adventures / Zombie Apocalypse / Contrasting Heroes

Very few things progressed this week. We have a great number of strong investigators, but they all belong to two families. If one of those families is traveling and the other has family in town...lessons drop pretty fast. It also doesn't help that all of our half-hearted investigators demonstrated very clearly that they will never complete their commitments. We're in desperate need of new investigators and less actives, and while we've received prospects, we'll need to see how the following week unfolds.

Luckily, the adventures of a missionary never cease. There are the drunks with dark red eyes that always stop us in the streets. "Please save me," they sob, "I'm a sinner." They look at the beer in their hand and yelp, "Augh, I'm sinning! Save me, brother!" It's strengthened my testimony about the Word of Wisdom, speaking against alcohol consumption. The working class of Peru have been driven mad by strong drink, and they ruin the lives of a good many other people we work with. We also live in a bit of a Zombie Apocalypse, in the thousands of dogs that live in the streets. If any of them bite you, you're immediately shipped out of your area to get a rabies shot. My companion's luckily a dog whisperer who insists the dogs just need signs of love- he was even able to tame the legendary Three Corners Park gang of ferocious, literally insane dogs.

Ah well, we'll see what the next week brings. I hope you're all reading The Book of Mormon regularly. If you need something new to study, go to Alma 46-62 and write a compare and contrast paper between Captain Moroni and Teancum, and the similar relationship between Superman and Batman. Moroni's the classic ideal for everyone to strive for: he's the chief captain of all the Nephite armies, and if duty calls for it, he might just have to flex and rip off his shirt to write a rallying cry for his people to rise and fight. If everyone was like him, the scriptures say, the very gates of Hell would tremble. He only let his mighty righteous anger get the best of him once, and that was only when he thought the Chief Judge of the land was withholding supplies from his perishing armies. We all look up to a hero like that.

Teancum, on the other hand, is a little further in the background. Maybe the other Nephite captains questioned the morality of his tendency to go out in the middle of the night and assassinate the opposing tyrant. The scriptures say every one of his sub-army under Captain Moroni was skilled and able, and they usually took jobs such as a decoy little army to draw out the Lamanites. Some tragedy from his tortured past drove Teancum to decide his fight against the Lamanites was personal, and while Captain Moroni prepared for the last grand triumphant battle of the war, Teancum slipped out of the war camp. Swinging on a cord through enemy territory in the middle of the night, he searched for the King's tent. When he finally found him, he cast a javelin in his heart. The alarm was raised, Teancum found himself alone with all the king's soldiers closing in on him in enemy territory, and finally he gets killed in his escape attempt. I think the scriptures are interesting, haha, and I like the examples of heroism we have in them. They're worth our time.