Monday, October 31, 2016

Baptism / Achieving Our Potential

This week we were blessed to participate in another baptism. About three weeks ago, we placed the 29th of October as a goal for her, but she vehemently denied that she would be ready so quickly. While she pushed back frequently whenever we mentioned it, I felt that if we became quiet about it and worked with her in completing all of her commitments, she would one of these days tell us she was ready. Such a day came last Saturday, and miraculously she was baptized on the first date we set with her. It was, I believe, the most spiritual baptism I've seen on the mission. Her testimony was very obvious. I was also very proud of her best friend, who's preparing to go on a mission after being a member a year, for preparing a thoughtful testimony with interesting scriptures for her. 

Our area is full of amazing members, who are good and genuine friends. It's important to remember everyone here has eternal potential, and praying for charity permits us to see people as they are. As Paul said in Romans 8:19, ¨The earnest expectation of the creature (creation, in context) waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.¨ All of creation is waiting for us to achieve our potential...hopefully and anxiously. Until next week, my friends, happy Halloween!