Monday, November 7, 2016

Finding Truth

This week was wonderful. We had so many investigators miraculously want to be baptized. Of course, there are always more obstacles along the way, but we're off to a good start and what I feel will be my most successful month of the mission thus far. It's doubled in happiness because I really love this area and the people here. 

We have one boy who will be baptized this week. His progress was slow until...he looked up on the internet rumors on Joseph Smith. The anti-Mormon material is so strident. We braced ourselves up for our next lesson with him, and he was completely at peace. He said he'd read parts of the Book of Mormon and realized for himself rumors were usually just rumors, and there's a reason for most things. He said he felt more at peace in his life now, and began to progress dramatically. He downloaded all of our pamphlets before we got to him, and explained to us all the doctrine. 

I know when we search answers for ourselves and follow through on our feelings, we'll find the truth. God rewards the seeker.