Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Work is Divine

This week we prepared for the baptism of one of our investigators. Everything was going well... until he called us two days before to tell us, on second thought, he was taking things far too quickly and he'd like to postpone it. I was fairly panicked the following night, mind racing with possible reasons he might have and possible answers we might provide. The following day, we had our make-it-or-break-it lesson with him. It was an intensely spiritual lesson where we tried not to tug him so much as explain why we thought he was ready. I felt the Spirit guide the process, telling me, point for point, the direction I ought to go. It worked, and he changed his mind. I felt utterly exhausted afterward, and could hardly think. I am very thankful the work is divine. I felt so incompetent as I realized no emotion or reason I could express was sufficient to 'convince' him. In the end, he was baptized the following day. He's an awesome kid with personality- I've seen the light in his eyes come a couple times to demonstrate his individuality. For instance, I saw it when he closed his sincere, peaceful baptismal testimony with a random Winston Churchill quote. Ah, it reminded me of something I would do. 

I know the church is true, and that in the end everything's going to be all right. Also, here are some pictures!

"This is of me and the young man I baptized.
My plaque is behind his shoulder, I promise!"

"This is our good friend in the area who helps us out with everything.
He's preparing for a mission, and he's the bomb."