Monday, December 12, 2016

Chart & Map

This week Andrew sent an audio recording instead of a blog message, so I’ll relate some of it to give you an idea what he’s been up to.

Last week he got a new companion: Elder Moss.  They were both in the same MTC class together back in Lima, so they’ve known each other for quite some time and get along quite well.  Like Andrew, Elder Moss enjoys being active. I hear they’ve been going on runs together and had just gotten back from playing basketball when Andrew started his recording.

He said they’d had a very successful week, meeting their goal of 100 contacts with several call-backs.  They had an investigator come to church who then asked Andrew and his companion to give a blessing to a very sick aunt.  Two baptisms are coming up on Christmas eve, so that’s pretty cool.

Below is a chart of altitudes of Andrew's areas with a comparison to Mt. Rainier.  You can see that one of Andrew's areas (Junín) was nearly as high.  It's hard to imagine living there for months on end.  Also, I show a map of where those areas were and which order he was assigned (green color is current location; blue colors are previous assignments).