Monday, December 5, 2016

Here Comes Christmas

This week I saw my beloved companion off as he returned to Mexico for his goodly reward after two years. Meanwhile, I'm happy sticking here as the Christmas season comes in full swing. Here comes the beloved, whiny Christmas carols ("Campanas de Belèn", if you want to look up an example on YouTube), the essential panetòn, and its eternal companion -- hot chocolate. 

I'm glad for the Christmas story. Once again, roles we don't think much of get me thinking. As the shepherds stayed in the cool fields on the clear night, the angels came and visited them, giving a celestial choir experience. Who was in that choir? Nobody resurrected, surely, as no one could be resurrected before Christ. It could only have been selected spirits, probably waiting to descend in their proper time to be born. Were you in it? Was I? What parts did we play in angelic visitations in the pre-mortal life? Our lives were completely centered on Christ and the hopeful belief that we would indeed accept Him when we came here. I think that includes all of us... our internal spirits are desperately trying to live up to a pre-earthly hope and love for Christ. I think we become more true to ourselves as we serve Him more diligently. I hope we can do so this Christmas season.