Monday, February 13, 2017

A Week of Activities

We roll on in the Los Andes Ward with lots of successful ward activities this week. On Thursday, there was a Family Home Evening hosted by a member, open for us missionaries to invite investigators. They had a very nice flat...I felt a little of what I'll feel back home in houses. Why do they need that fancy light? They don´t even know how to play those instruments! Why does it smell nice? Why would a house need to be decorated like this? We had a young woman with her daughter attend, a seamstress who sits so wearily at the machine all day that the idea of an activity made her light up and get her things ready. 

The following day we had Mission Night, which is an activity generally run by the missionaries with a spiritual thought and some fun games. We accidentally booked the chapel at the same time as another ward´s mission night, so we just combined it and made it twice as big and twice as successful. There we had a mother and her son come, who are preparing for baptism this week. We also had a family who works at a funeral shop attend, including their relative. That day we were doing divisions with the Assistants...we visited the family just before the activity and answered the relative´s endless questions on every dark rumor on Mormonism the internet had offered him. Miraculously enough, he ended satisfied with our answers.

The following day, the Relief Society put together la Fiesta  del Amor (Party of Love) in preparation for Valentine´s Day. What garlic is to  vampires, ´love party´ is to missionaries. Nevertheless, we brought a family of investigators faithfully through the rainstorm accompanied by our faithful golden investigator of one week, who has already begun to help us with our other appointments. Finally, Sunday came, and we went to church. I was crestfallen to find not one of the investigators had come. The Sacrament was passed, and afterward they withdrew the curtain to reveal the overflow, where yet another investigator family was seated patiently all in a row. We hadn't seen them nearly all week, and to my knowledge the parents haven't attended in a long while. The father's presence was particularly miraculous, as he generally works on the weekends. So that was another good day.  And that was another good week. Elder Montoya comes this following week, so I'm excited to see what the following days bring. The church is true!