Monday, February 6, 2017

How Marvelous It Is

Here we go once more around the bend, as we enter into February. I'd like to mention how marvelous this church is in all the little details. I feel like it's a great candy store, and whenever I look in any one direction, whether it be at missionary work, or temples, or the scriptures, or modern prophets and apostles, or studies on the early church, or doctrine, I always am filled with a very personal feeling of admiration for that aspect. 

For example, this week, my mind reverted to family history work. There are so many people deep in the past with a sense of connection to us. With such minute attention, they watch our actions and ponder on what they can do to help. As we reach across in missionary work to bring others to the gospel, we can reach upward as well through temple work, and downward as we care for our families. May we strive to become anxiously engaged in a good work...and may we go on in so great a cause. In the name of Jesus Christ amen.