Monday, June 5, 2017

Final Sprint

Back in high school, running track and cross country taught me a lot of things I've used in different ways throughout my mission and life. One of them is, on the last stretch, you train your mind to stop thinking and just sprint as hard as you can. Elder Bolaños and I are trying to take off here. We're focusing a lot on finding new investigators this transfer, so my companion and I are trying to be innovative in new and bold ways to do so. One of them, of course, is literally talk to everybody that you see. Another is the classic street meeting of yesteryear, where we stand up on chairs and teach discussions as people pass by in plazas. We also create a stand where we give out church magazines, contact cards, and pamphlets. 

To do such activities makes me feel finally satisfied...finally as though I'm really giving my all to get the message out to as many people as possible. The zone is coming to life as well, as they begin to work on a higher plane. We're facing, of course, our share of problems, including the impossible climate up here. In the last two weeks, we've sent three missionaries out of the city. But it adds a sense of urgency to the work, which is not bad. I hope you all have a great week, as summer returns to the States. Here in Cerro de Pasco, we'll still be sure to wear four coats, gloves, a scarf, two pairs of sock (as is the custom here), and a hat. ¡Que se cuiden, mis estimados!