Monday, June 19, 2017

Zone on Fire

It was another solid week. More than anything, I'm delighted to continue to hear of outstandingly memorable experiences from the zone. One companionship got permission to frequently visit a Police Station and share small messages with all the officers. Today will be larger, and they will be speaking with a great crowd there.

We have other missionaries who went to the edge of their area to a small town 15 minutes out from Cerro de Pasco and went on a diligent search for the most important person in town. They boldly asked if they might have permission to show church videos in a public place with help, and received it.

On our divisions, we take out missionaries and show them how many contacts are possible within a day. I feel like the zone is swarming with activity and spiritual experiences. I'm excited to see what kind of miracles come from the special effort. Yet I know none of this would necessarily result to anything if God did not multiply anything we give Him. It's remarkable.

I know that the work is guided by Him and His Son, Jesus Christ. I want Their will to be completed, as it certainly will be. The best thing we can do is blow in the same direction of the wind and have the giddy feeling that we're contributing.