Monday, February 1, 2016

Even the Least of These

This week was super successful- we received a great many references from members to visit friends and family of theirs, which is always more effective than contacting in the street. Quite a few have become new investigators. One of particular note was a woman who received all the lessons several months ago, but only now feels ready to be baptized. Her son chimed in and says he wants to be baptized, too. We just need to get them to church a few times. The investigators who came last week- the wealthy yet humble man who lives way out with his son- also brought his sister this time around, and we'll continue to prepare them for baptism. Things are going well- better than I've ever seen, really. I'm hoping it all carries through.
We also had a fun church activity with all sorts of different things to do in each room. There was a cooking class, a "theater", the outdoor basketball court, and "church", where you could sit quietly and read the scriptures. In the end, my companion and I put on our baptismal clothing and as solemn gringo angels, ushered everyone into the same room together. It was then explained that the activity was an analogy for life, and very few people spent time on what mattered- scriptures and church. I thought it was an unfair trick to play on everyone, inviting them to an activity to mingle, and then lecturing them when they didn't choose to sit alone reading. But I suppose it was more food for thought than anything.

I was reading Our Heritage the other day, and enjoyed the time to think on our predecessors and the great history of the church in these days. As I reluctantly put it down to get ready for the day, I realized nothing had changed. Like them, I've been called by a prophet to preach the gospel to all nations; the temple covenants they sacrificed so much for were likewise central to my life; and my foremost priority was to go about the same work- building the kingdom of God. President Uchtdorf gave an interesting talk years ago based on the question, Are we sleeping through the Restoration? The Restoration of God's truth and Gospel has by no means been completed, and ours is the privilege to continue in the work. Future great and marvelous revelations pertaining to the kingdom of God are promised. Our faith is the fuel to this cause, and therefore by no means will it be hindered as we demonstrate our willingness to sacrifice. As stewards of this generation, ours is the privilege to dedicate our lives to Christ. Just as He is acquainted with every one of our pains, so He receives the same succor we give to our fellow men, literally fulfilling His promise, "Even as thou hast done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, thou hast done it unto me." In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.