Monday, February 8, 2016

It's All Good

Hello! We hiked a mountain today, so I didn't have a ton of time to prepare a message for today. However, this was a solid week, in part because Elder Cornilles and I turned our apartment into a real home. We found a bunch of 70's church photos of Primary classes and Brady-Bunch style families, and hang dozens up in our little narrow hallway. My companion also has an impressive collection of 70's Mormon music which is... indescribable.  It's the weirdest, most-lovable soundtrack to our lives I could have hoped for. We play it on repeat. Some lyrics include, "I'll bring you a rainbow from high up above / Send you a sunbeam plump full of love."  We also got tired of our drab little room, so we threw up the bed frames and made a giant blanket fort. 

Elder Cornilles and Elder Burt, waiting for a bus.
Of course, the important parts of the week occurred outside of the apartment. We have a less-active family we're helping come back to church as one of the daughters prepares for her baptism. We have an amazing, meek, ready family who's attending church- the father is completely set, but we've still got a bit of work to do with his sister and son. We've also got a young couple who are eagerly listening to and agreeing with all we teach, and they're completing their reading commitments. There's a teenager who just told us happily yesterday that he's sharing the Book of Mormon with his family, praying, and feeling closer to God than ever before. And there's a mother and son who are exuberant for baptism, but unfortunately don't yet understand the importance of church attendance. We have, in other words, a large pool of potential and that makes the work all the more exciting. Hope all is well back home, and I'm so glad for the opportunities I have up here!